Richie Adomako

Tag: S101

Dsgn – Structural & Conceptual

  "We want to fight ferociously against the fanatical, unconscious and snobbish religion of the past, which is nourished by the evil influence of museums. We rebel against the supine admiration of old canvases, old statues and old objects, and against the enthusiasm for all that is worm-eaten, dirty and corroded by time; we believe that the common contempt for everything young, new and palpitating with life is unjust and criminal."  - Filippo Marinetti

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Film & Video

  Loli Lux - "Wannabe" Music Video:: Directing, Editing, Producer     Exposicado Colectiva :: Editing   Into The Woods - Young Prisms :: Camera   Losers Lounge :: Associate Producer, Trailer Editor

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BANNERS Venetian Hotels: Box Hobart: Leaderboard, Box, Skyscraper Nespresso: Skyscraper New York Rising Stars Observer Ad: Leaderboard, Box

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