Richie Adomako is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’: A BRAIN in a nutshell preoccupied as a(n): artist, designer, writer, media producer and director, with a HEART fueled by new media, architecture, design, cinematography, food/taste – with thoughts included, fashion, music, literature, tech and art.

As an Artist, Richie’s work varies in forms of Neo-expressionism in formats of paintings, installations as well as compositions in sound and performances.

Commercially as a designer, developer and art director Richie’s work has included clients:
CNN, Jeep, Hennessy, Revlon, Vitamix, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, EUE / Screen Gems, Nordstroms, Selfridges, DHL UK, Nespresso, Wisconsin Cheese, Hobart, the Blueberry Council of America, the French Culinary Institute, Avocados from Mexico, Google, Venetian Hotels, Yonder Music, and Celcom, among others.

CONTACT INFO: richie [at] richieadomako.com